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About Us

We are an expert real estate agency functioning in the rapidly growing property sector of Karachi for many years. Widely renowned for providing top of the line solutions based on latest market knowledge and vast experience of operating in local property sector, we harbor a ferocious desire to fulfil all commitments made with our valued customers at all costs. We are specialists in the dynamic area of ASF City Karachi and possess ample resources and knowledge of these areas to fulfill whatever your property needs in desired area may be.
Our crew keeps a firm eye on altering tides of property sector and consequently updated property prices. At AS Traders, we employ the principle of imparting awareness and potential gains of investment in certain places so that our clients are better prepared to buy or sell. Property business cannot simply flourish on empty promises and fulfilling all that we promise is a big feature of our business down the years. We have not relented in our mission of providing trustworthy services and personalized attention to all our clients. We deal in sale, purchase and rent of both residential and commercial properties.